Best Tracking Websites of COVID-19 in Pakistan

Coronavirus was first reported in China. At that time the whole world does not take this virus as a serious issue but today it is the biggest problem the world is facing. This virus has reached nearly all the countries and affected over 1.6 million people. People are dying daily due to this virus and scientists are still not able to find any cure for this virus. The only cure until now for this virus is to stay home as much as possible.

Pakistan is a country with a huge population of over 20 Crore. Despite the less developed health system and a weak economy, it still has managed to control the disease rather than like Spain and Italy. But still, there are more than 4,000 total cases and 66 confirmed reported deaths in Pakistan.

Best Coronavirus Tracking Websites in Pakistan

In this article, we will make a list showing the best tracking websites of COVID-19 in Pakistan.

  1. Al-Jazeera
  2. TrackCov19 – (
  3. AccuWeather Corona Dashboard
  5. TrackCorona – (
  6. Worldometers


This is an international site that provides the latest updates on coronavirus in Pakistan. This website does not need any kind of registration. You just have to search the site and explore it to get the latest coronavirus updates of Pakistan. This site is especially for those people who are just interested in getting time to time updates of the COVID-19 outbreak pandemic.

This site also offers you the coronavirus data of any other country. This site mostly collects the data from the maps of Johns Hopkins University dashboards and provides us the latest data regarding coronavirus affected people. is a governmental website that is one of the best websites of COVID -19 in Pakistan. This site does not require any type of registration. This website provides all necessary data regarding coronavirus affected people and other information regarding this virus. gets all this data from the maps of Johns Hopkins University dashboards, which is an American university. That means the affected people number and the latest news about this virus on this site are up-to-date. Any interested person can visit this site and get awareness about the outbreak of coronavirus.

COVID.GOV.PK is the official website of the Government of Pakistan. This website shows Real-time Pakistan and the world situation regarding coronavirus. This is the official website of the government so it provides the chat bot where you can contact the government servants directly regarding this virus issue.

On the top right of the site, there are many options like stats, COVID-19, guidelines, prevention, and facilities, etc. This site provides Pakistani case details and International case details separately. According to this site, there are more than 4,788 total confirmed cases of coronavirus in Pakistan.


Worldometers is also the best tracking website of COVID-19 in Pakistan. This site shows very precisely and accurately the numbers of infected people from coronavirus. Let us see the current situation of Pakistan according to the worldometers.

According to this table, there are more than 4,695 cases of coronavirus in Pakistan. The current statistics are 4,695 total cases, +206 new cases, 66 total deaths, +1 new deaths, 727 total recoveries. Other important data like growth rate graph, total active cases, growth factor, etc are also provided by the worldometers website.

Other than the above-mentioned websites, many other websites provide a worldwide tracking of coronavirus. For example, Health map, Next Strain, World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University dashboards and The New York’s Time are some websites which provide all necessary data on coronavirus

In the end, we will advise you to stay home as much as possible and wash your hands regularly. As you will stay at home you and your family will stay safe. Thank You..!

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